Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Here we have the sleek and beautiful plastic Aston Martin DB-5 by Century 21. In immaculate condition it comes with a red racing stripe and friction drive. With its obvious 007 heritage it really is a cool toy. The scalextric-like box shows a red Aston numbered 1. The actual toy is white and numbered 4 so it does beg the question whether there are other colour variations out there? I wonder if the Scalextricness of this car (compare with a real Scalextric DB5 below - the white DB5 - the real Bond car was silver - was only ever sold as part of the Scalextric 007 set) ran further than its looks and along with the JR21 Typhoon Motorbike posted here were there more formal links between the two companies? What's for sure is that this is just one of a bigger fleet of Century 21 toy cars.

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