Thursday, 24 September 2009



Not JR21 or Century 21 I know, but besides looking truly brilliant and ultra modern, the Telsada Trans-Continental Express does have Anderson form. These pictures are from it's recent appearance on Ebay. I had a flutter but was quickly despatched to the rough grass as the serious bidders took over. It reached a handsome £300+ !

I first came across it here on the excellent Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum where a talented young modelmaker, Mike Delamar, has started a wonderful project to re-create various Anderson TV fire-tenders. If you have a spare half hour you could do nothing better than read the thread from 'scratch' to the current last page - it is a work in progress so keep checking in like me to see how far Mike has got.

It has appeared in a number of Anderson shows including this footage from Stingray The Loch Ness Monster, where it's bright yellow and transporting Stingray on its roof across Scotland! - courtesy of the indispensible You Tube (from around 6.18 minutes)!

Further pictures of the bus from an Ebay US auction November 2009

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